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    scenes in .fla files


      I have added 4 scenes in .fla files and shown them on click as gotoandply("scenename"), the problem is I want to show next scene with some animation like from left to right instead of appearing disappearing. Can any one please guide me how to do that.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Rather than using scenes, either use one scene's timeline and divide it up into sections or use movieclips for each scene instead.  Scenes have a history of being a poor design choice for designs using nagivation control between them.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            I would honestly like to know where all these newbies are getting it into their heads that they should be using scenes. Are there still Flash books out there that recommend them?

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              laraibm53445555 Level 1

              The purpose of using scenes is to reduce number of .swf files as for creating mobile version of these apps require limited number of .swf files. Getting my point @clay's Unique UID

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                When you use scenes and publish, they end up being sewn into one long timeline, so the only thing you gain from using them is dividing your content into different sections... you do not gain anything in the way of additional timeline allotment for a single swf file.  If you intend for those sections to be navigable using buttons or whatnot then there is a good probability of issues coming up where the navigation fails.  That's part of why you are better off just using the one scene and either dividing it up into sections or creating the sections as movieclips.

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