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    Zotac GTX1060 AMP! 6GB or Diamond Radeon RX480 8GB !?!?!???


      I am upgrading my computer from the following


      Intel G3528 OC to 4.2Ghz with 16GB RAM and Radeon 7970 Graphics card to


      Intel i7 4770K with 32GB RAM and AOC 28" 4K monitor with Vizio 43" TV/Monitor (HDMI 2.0 @ 60 Hz)


      Now need a video card


      Diamon Radeon RX 480 8GB for about $280 US (live in Canada)

      Zotax GTX1060 AMP! for about $290 US

      Asus GTX1070 STRIX GAMING for about $450 US


      I am not a big gamer, but will be looking at editing and rendering 4K video. Not too seriously. Drone footage etc.


      What card is best for my needs (monitor setup, and 4K Video editing) ?


      Thanks In Advance

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          the rx 480 reference card is out of spec for pcie slot power draw. if you are concerned about that you would need to carefully choose a custom partner card that is designed differently to avoid that issue. you only need a video card with around 3-4gb of memory, so the rx 480 4gb version would be a cheaper option. nvidia cards tend to run faster with premiere, so the rx 480 may be even slower than otherwise against the gtx 1060.


          the gtx 1070 is way too powerful for the i7-4770k, it would be wasted money. normally a gtx 960 would be recommend to that cpu, so the gtx 1060 may also be in overkill territory. you would have to be using lots and lots of gpu accelerated fx to make use of the gtx 1060. if you only plan on using a few gpu fx you may want to try out the radeon 7970 first to see how its working. you can check gpu usage % with gpu-z.  i think the radeon 7970 will work with the 4k monitor using the displayPort connection, then the hdmi for the 1080p tv.

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            paulr49813242 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            My current CPU struggles playing 4K video, hence the i7 upgrade. Decided to go i7 as I think it offers a significant enough advantage over i5 for Adobe products.


            I am really hoping to use the 43" at 4K resolution with 60Hz, thus I need an HDMI 2.0 video card, which the 7970 does not have.


            The HDMI 2.0 is what turned me toward 970/980 cards and maybe the RX 480...then started researching the 1060/1070 cards. Leaning toward the 1060, but now wondering if the 1070 is worth the upgrade? Might be doing some gaming etc. too.


            Switching gears a bit....might do this


            G3528 with 8GB or 16GB RAM and 7970 with dual 24" / 22" monitors (already have parts)


            upgraded i7 4770K with 32GB RAM and 43" 4K TV/Monitor at 60Hz through HDMI2.0 and thus maybe wouldn't need a multiple monitor setup or could run display port to the 28" in mutiple monitor setup if it would be an advantage. Or put the 28" 4K on other machine with older parts.


            Decisions, Decisions.


            I have everything required either used or new parts except for the upgraded video card purchase.


            Thanks again for your thoughts, any all welcome.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              does your radeon 7970 have 2 displayports? if it does, you could possibly use a displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapter for the second 4k display.


              if you are looking at a gpu to use for video games, then you will have to decide what kind of performance you want for which games you plan on playing. the gtx 1080 or new titan x pascal version is needed for demanding 4k games.


              if you haven't already purchased the i7-4770k you might want to look at the i7-4790k.

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                Don't know if already decided, but I can give you my example.

                I got Intel i7-3770K, 32GB RAM and GTX-1060 6 GB.

                When playing timeline 4K video with adjustment layer which has lumetri and M31 Lut performance is.

                CPU - 40-90%

                RAM (32G) - 50 %

                GPU load - 40-60 %

                GPU memory (6GB) - 30 %

                Plays fine except for the parts were wideo is speed -100%. This footage on timeline forces to exceed processor up to 100%, then GPU goes down to 10% and it starts to drop frames.


                When exporting 4K footage with maximum render quality:

                CPU - 95-100%

                RAM (32G) - 47 %

                GPU load - 20-60 %, frequently drops to 0%, rarely goes up to 80%

                GPU memory (6GB) - 2.5BG


                You CPU is more capable than mine, so in theory GPU should be used more.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  charmsas wrote:



                  When exporting 4K footage with maximum render quality:

                  Why would you use MRQ when you have a CUDA GPU that does better than MRQ can do?


                  I love my overclocked GTX 1060 SC it is a bargain for great performance.  I am using an EVGA 06G-P4-6163-KR and have the Memory Clock very safely upped to (GPU-Z numbers) 2400 MHz (virtual 9600 MHz) and a pair of these is faster than a non-overclocked single Titan X Pascal at less than half the price.