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    Trapcode Sound Keys and other effects are not showing up on the effects list.........

    DJ Arad Noam Level 1

      So I installed Windows 10 64-bit, AE CS6 and Premiere Pro CC 2015.

      When I launched AE after installing Red Giant suites, Only 3 effects were showing up in the Trapcode folder in the effects list.

      Everything else works just fine.

      Windows 10 is installed on an SSD and AE and PP are on a seperate hard disk of 1 TB.

      I really need Sound Keys and the others and I read about that problem in another post in CreativeCOW website and one guy said that the plugins are probably not 64-bit (and my windows is 64-bit), and I tried what he said to do but it didn't help.

      Screenshot :



      Thanks for help !