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    Missing 'Destination Subfolder Options' During Import


      During a recent update, I lost the ability to pick a subfolder during import on the right side of the import screen. I understand that you choose a destination folder at the top 'TO' section, but my photos still end up in a subfolder, inside this chosen destination folder.


      Why is this a problem? Well, aside from not having any control over it, the subfolder is named after the last subfolder I created; in this case, a set of photos of a recent camping trip. So, no matter what the subject is, or where I store them, the photos end up in a subfolder of the same name.


      I have uninstalled / reinstalled once, saving preferences. There are - zero - presets being applied during import.


      MacBook Pro macOS Sierra Beta 10.12 (the subfolder option disappeared before upgrading to the Sierra beta-OS)

      Lightroom 2015.6.1 / Camera Raw 9.6


      right screen.png

      Where did the subfolder destination options go?