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    HELP: Frustrated with blurry text

      First, here is the link to the text art in question: Image of Safe Harbor logo

      I am attempting to redesign the logo shown on the right. The one on the left is what I have currently created. I really would love to know how the original person created the logo on the right. When its brought into Publisher 2003 there are no little steps on the shadow or the actual text. Which is the problem I'm having with the one I'm working on.

      I had originally done the new logo in Freehand (vector art) and applied drop shadow at the end of the process. Strangely enough, when the logo is printed from within Freehand, the logo is nice and clear. HOWEVER, when I convert to .jpeg and bring it into Fireworks, Publisher 2003 or Word, I get exactly what is shown in the image.

      I'd like to bring the logo into Fireworks and try from there. What needs to be done? The logo is for a print brochure and not a web site. So, I will have to up the resolution from 72dpi to 300dpi. Love to know what's what.

      Thanks in advance.