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    LR6 Clarity issue. XMP related?


      I upgrade from 5.4 to 6.x in April.  I was very disappointed when I saw that all of my edited CR2 files had very dark areas under the eyes, where I had previously used the clarity slider.  I have seen the question asked, and still no answers as to why it does this or how to fix it.  So after 2 days of Adobe trying unsuccessfully to fix this, I went back to my old version, frustrated, and got a refund.  So after a few updates Adobe said to try again.  We just downloaded LR6 (6.6.1) and still have the same issue.  After a little more time, we have now discovered it is only on images that have been edited.  If I look at an unedited CR2 and use my same "under eyes" custom brush, it works just fine.  On old files, it is still bad.  So it must have something to do with the xmp files.  Can anyone help with this?  I really don't want to be stuck with LR5 forever!   Again, all looks like it is just the clarity brushes, whether it is a custom brush or not.  If I use the clarity slider over a whole image in LR6, the skin gets dark, as if the exposure is changing.  If I use a new image, I can use both my custom brushes and the clarity slider and it works the same as it has in LR5.


      New LR6 shows this.  It almost looks like the mask, however that box isn't checked.

      Same image in LR5.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Did you or have you noticed the exclamation mark in your first image, in the film strip?

          That ! mark is there because LR want to either Read the edit data from the XMP or Write new data to the XMP. I suggest you Read from disk and see what happens. There are other images with that ! mark.


          You can also select that adjustment pin and re-adjust the settings for it.


          Looking at your other SS, the one from LR 5, there is that same ! mark

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            3msphoto Level 1

            The exclamation mark is just from the metadata from having just installed this new version and has nothing to do with the edits.  I did fix that, hoping maybe that was it, but it just adjusted the metadata.  I suppose I could readjust the settings but I'd have to do that for all of my 100,000+ images and I'm not really up for that.   

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              dj_paige Level 9

              Since you suspect the problem is XMP files, let me ask you a question


              Did you re-import the photos into LR 6?

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                3msphoto Level 1

                I think so.  They are all synchronized.  In looking again this morning, the ones I said weren't edited.  That isn't exactly true.  Every image already has an xmp file because I have a custom preset I apply on import.  The only thing I can think of that is different, is that the images with a problem I have done "edit in" Photoshop.  Would that affect anything?  I know it shouldn't, just grabbing at straws trying to come up with something since Adobe clearly has no idea. 

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  You need to upgrade your Lightroom 5 catalog to Lightroom 6. In Lightroom 6, use the menu command File->Open Catalog and point to the Lightroom 5 catalog file.


                  If you imported or synchronized the files into Lightroom 6, you have done the wrong thing.

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                    3msphoto Level 1

                    No, you're right.  We did do that.  I had to do that when I first started LR6.  I went in and had to select a recent catalog.  We also exported just one session as a test catalog to mess with, and so far no luck.