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    DNG crashing Lightroom



      I have been using lightroom for years and last week I read DNG is the way to go so I started converting Now I have a problem I can only convert 50 DNG's  at a time more than that then Lightroom Crashes, the more I convert the worse Lightroom gets, I have never had so may crashes with lightroom before, now if i touch the Import button it crashes "program stopped working going to close" message all the time I wish I could just get my NEF RAW's back. If lightrooms work flow was not so good I would bin Lightroom. Soon I will have to because I can't add anything to the catologue with out a crash

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I use the stand-alone DNG Converter and batch process hundreds of raw files very quickly. I then bring the DNG's into LR using:

          Import >> Add

          Then I archive the original raws.

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            andremeintjesart Level 1

            Hi 99jon

            I have tried the DNG converter but but still can't press the Import button to add to library, even if i Synchronize the folder it will count the new files as you press "Sync" it will attempt to Import then Crash.

            The stand alone DNG converter also doesn't apply your Lightroom develop settings, it also Ignores all Virtual Copies, I spend lots of time tweaking virtual copies into B&W images but realized its very easy to loose and only Lightroom can see them, now i rather make a TIFF Copy and work on that.

            I just wish I new if its DNG's fault or something else messing me around, I liked the Idea of DNG's but now I am in 2 Minds

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I‘ve been using DNGs for years and find them really efficient files for working with adobe applications. I’ve never had a problem. Of course when converting within the LR Library; only the original raw files get converted. Virtual Copies are simply stored as metadata in the catalog and always reference the original raw file or DNG.

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                andremeintjesart Level 1

                Okay that's good news, so its not DNG thats causing the problems.

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                  andremeintjesart Level 1

                  I have Optimized Lightroom a few times, looking much better import working again, seems much happier