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    strange character behavior in CA




      i need to animate a character (ape) which is not willing to behave as i told him to. I need to set up a walk cycle and try to do it the way i saw in one of your tutorials but after recording there are some strange issues and texture/stick failures when i playback my result. I don't have much time left for this project and thought character animator would be a good choice, but this project is going to drive me mad!!!


      The biggest problem is that I have to animate my character in a side view. So the right arm and leg have to be in front of the rest of the body.
      I don't need any facial expressions, mouth animation, eyes or anything else of the stuff i thought that could make my project maybe a bit complicated.


      As far as i can see i have rigged everything the right way, but as soon as I start to record some movements, the problems begin.


      Here is my character file


      Dropbox - Charakter animator

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I tried rigging this guy up and it seemed okay: http://adobe.ly/2aA6Q96. All I did was add the sticks and draggables on each group, and then stapled them. Is this what you're looking for, or some different kind of motion?

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            wingiss93164590 Level 1

            Thanks for your fast response. As described I can rig him and move im in the scene view, but when i start recording some movement (specially the legs/feet) some strange errors occurs and the mesh is wrapped up around some of the dragger (anchle) if you can imagine what i mean. I was not able to set up a useable walking cycle, but i need that ape to walk around my scene.
            There is no possibility to redefine your animation later by keyframes, isn't it? Because i don't want to animate it completely frame by frame to avoid those issues i got.


            Thanks again that you try to help - I really think you created an awful piece of software here.

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Currently all recording is performance-based instead of keyframes.


              I think I might know what's going on - have you added multiple draggable handles? If so, you have to move each one at any given point in order for things to look okay. So let's say you have draggables in the knee, heel, and toes. If you record and just drag the knee and heel, but don't drag the toes because it looks fine as is, unfortunately that doesn't work because the draggable needs a new data point to follow - otherwise it's going to try to stick to its position and look like it's dragging the rest of stuff back.


              So if that's the case, either a) make sure you drag each draggable if you're doing a pose-to-pose animation like walking, or b) simplify the character to have less draggables.

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                wingiss93164590 Level 1

                Thanks for that! It solved many of my problems.


                One last thing: How would you handle an object which should be picked up by the character with both hands? If it's related in any way to the hand of the character, the object does strange movements when i try to animate it during the time before it is picked up. And because i want it between the two hands of the ape I need to set it up somewhere between the character's layers, right? I mean otherwise an object will be placed in front or behind the character's layer in After Effects. Or is the only way for that to animate it without the covering arm in the foreground and add that one later in After Effects by using a tracking point?

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Good question. Eventually we plan to add more simple physics-based stuff - picking up, throwing, etc. - but right now you'll have to fake it. If it were me, I'd make the object part of the back hand (as it is in the example video I did above) and give it a show/hide key trigger, so you have to press O or something to see it. Then you could fake it in After Effects where you have the object on the table, have the empty hands reach out to grab it, and press O to have it appear in the hands - and do a switch in AE where you line it up perfectly and hide it as soon as the CH version takes over.


                  It's tricky to do now, so most times I just hide the hands off screen and then they magically have something in them when they appear, or change hand positions.

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                    wingiss93164590 Level 1

                    Thank a lot for your help! Then the way I was trying it, wasn't that bad at all...
                    I'm really looking forward what you will improve in the future in CA.