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    pausing director playhead until swf completes

      i seem to be unable to pause more than one swf file within my director movie

      i managed to get one channel(channel 1) to pause until the flash file has completely played using the script

      on exitFrame
      if sprite(1).frame < sprite(1).member.frameCount then go to the frame

      however the problem is if i try and put the same syntax(script) on channel 2 which contains another swf file it doesnt pause the director play head...does any one have a clue???

      i have also tried this with other lingo scripts from this forum but i keep on getting this problem
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Are you using a hard-coded reference to sprite 1?

          Here's a different approach.

          Right-click or Ctrl-click on the sprite containing the Flash member. In the contextual member that opens, select Script...

          In the Script window that opens, replace the default handler with:

          on exitFrame(me)
          vSprite = sprite(me.spriteNum) -- soft-coded reference to this sprite
          if vSprite.frame < vSprite.member.frameCount then
          go the frame
          end if
          end exitFrame
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            africanshox Level 1
            thank you for your prompt response....i have looked at my swf files and i have now realised that the reason why the rest of my swf's are not working using your script is because the are a collection of movie clips with their own individual time lines while the main movie timeline is only one frame.......do you know how i can go one about sorting this little problem out?