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    Disable Video caching or HD hijacking by LR?


      Is it possible to stop video caching in LR?  I have searched and it seems it is not.  This is not just a simple bug.  My hard drive fills and fails to work anymore.  I do not import videos, I do not want videos cached.  I do not want LR scanning any USB device plugged into it and deciding to make multi-GB files of videos.  If that is not enough, I set the limit to 1GB and yet my last purge cleared 100 GB of video caches.  LR then performs a nice trick and re-imports cache files multiple times each time I plug in the same device.  So not only does it cache the video unnecessarily, it then duplicates this same video multiple times.


      For people who edit video in LR, caching is not necessary.  PCs are plenty fast to play videos back.  Please take it out of LR.  The result of this caching process is no different then a virus as it continuously eats my HD space and if I forget to do my constant purges will kill my PC...


      Im done with LR if this cant be remedied.