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    What is the future of Edge Animate?

    SanchezMusics Level 1

      Because Adobe is being silent?

      I hope they find way to evolve Edge without the US team.

      Edge can have a bright future, there are so many things of it still unexplored, like Responsive animation with different screen sizes and ratios.


      Isn’t Edge the same as flash.

      Edge Animate is based on DOM html5 that works with divs. Flash is based on flash player and outputs also to Canvas html5.

      Comparing Edge with Flash is the same as comparing Photoshop with Illustrator. They are similar but different and have both there own advantages.


      Please, do not abandon this extraordinary software that you have created.

      It would be a waste. Long life to the fantastic Edge Animate.

      We hope (many would like.. I'm sure) that Adobe will make us a great surprise by inserting it again in creative cloud and with several new feature.


      It will be a new Adobe page to be written in his story extraordinary.

      All software creative cloud very beautiful is always more simple and intuitive. Complimenti really.

      You all do a execcelent job.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is not enough interest in EA anymore as we can see in the forum for which I use to have a large amount of questions every day. So the chances the development will resume is pretty slim and since the focus in on Animate CC and EA is hidden in previous versions, it is unlikely that the EA community will grow. Too bad because there is not really an alternative that is as good, even Hype which is only for Mac.

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            SanchezMusics Level 1

            For windows there is Google web designer, discovered recently and I'm giving a look these days, but I do not think you can compare to the excellent Edge Animate ... also able to build an entire site in it. I not yet know if it's possible with Google web designer.


            It 'really a bad thing that has abandoned adobe Edge Animate. We make a petition of signatures? Let's send mass email to all adobe? Unity is strength. So we should make us feel, because animated edge likes to so many people.


            Animate cc 2016 will still be the same heavy program with the same hated UI. You will be able to save a flash project as html5 canvas, but not as DOM html5 (based on html divs/css and javascript) like the end product of Edge Animate was. The only thing that will be different is the name. Big mistake by adobe.

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              SanchezMusics Level 1

              Today starting adobe edge animate appeared the survey window with a scale of 1 to 10 how likely would you recommend with edge animated? Unfortunately over 10 I could not vote, and I had to settle to put only 10. Then I also added a nice feedback hoping and almost even begging to reinsert into the fantastic adobe package to fill that big empty html5 Sun div which now afflicts the adobe suite .


              Maybe some minimal hope that edge animated return there, otherwise I think we would not have entered the poll, so I recommend you do not close that window, but the dates one vote and also write a comment. It 'very important for the future of animated edge.