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    Larger flash CS6 files immediately crashing during opening or publishing: El Capitain problem?


      All my larger fla-files crash very soon once I start modifying them, always during publishing and using the "Save as" option. The largest give the error message "Could not open one or more scenes probably because of low memory" when opening the file. The same thing happens on my laptop. When Flash reopens after a crash I get the message that Adobe has found a solution or workaround ... but clicking the link opens nothing. I reinstalled Adobe Flash CS6, but it didn't help. I do not have access to a Mac with older OSX, so I didn't try that. Everything works fine with small (a few Mb) file sizes though.


      Is this a problem with running CS6 files on El Capitain (OSX 10.11.5)? Would the CC-version probably works, but my files use Actionscript 2.

      Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions? Thanks!