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    DNG converter NEF files with Nikon 5500 does not work

    matthias2506 Level 1

      Hi together,


      hope here is somebody that can help me. I have a new Nikon D5500, but Lightroom 5. As this is not compatible, I use the DNG Converter to convert my NEF files to DNG so I can use it in Lightroom 5. I converted files two days ago, but since today the DNG Converter does not detect my NEF files in the corresponding folder.


      I also tried to update the compatibility modus as I have Windows 8, but even this does not work.


      Any idea? I would appreciate good answers as I want to prepare the pictures of my sister's wedding.


      Thank you so much in advance.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One common mistake that you are probably aware of is that the DNG converter works at the FOLDER level. In other words, in the DNG converter you choose the folder but you don't open that folder. If you have selected the folder but are still having the problem then another consideration would be the software that was used to download the images. Some versions of Nikon Transfer seem to impact NEF files in such a way that Adobe software cannot read them. If neither of these problems relate to your situation, please explain what is different about these NEF files compared to previous ones that you were able to convert.

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            DNG converter is probably immune to OS version changes.


            If the conversion worked a few days before, you need to recall what got changed in between. Did you change your workflow? Did you upgrade the OS?