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    Iconstream Syntax Change for Acrobat DC?


      I have folder level javascripts with iconstream buttons that I first created for earlier versions of Acrobat.  One script generates two buttons, the other one button.  They have worked fine in everything from Acrobat 9 up.


      The scripts themselves still work perfectly as far as their substantive functions go, but DC versions of both Acrobat and Reader do not consistently render the icon buttons.  DC typically will only give me the lego pieces and no buttons.  However, DC will occasionally show one or more of the buttons -- there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. 


      These scripts are exact copies of the files that still run fine in earlier versions of Acrobat and Reader (on both PC and Mac) -- is there some subtle syntax change in DC that I am missing?  I initially thought the DC icons might be a different size, but this does not seem to explain why they render sometimes and not others.


      Thanks for your thoughts,