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    Problems with Adobe Presenter video?


      Working on a Presenter file and I imported several videos from my PC. When I transferred the presenter file to a co-worker over a flash drive, the videos appear as a "box with an X through it", and do not show up when the slides are previewed. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When you shared the presenter file, did you include the PPT(X) file and the folder with the same name? The videos would be stored in that folder.


          Also, they should move the presenter files off the flash drive before working in Presenter, If the presentation is not on your C drive, then Presenter may not work correctly.

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            zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

            Hi Arjun,


            A better way to share your Presenter projects would be to package your project and share it.

            Packaging your project will create a .prpkg file, which can be double clicked later and the pptx file will get extracted along with all the imported files.

            Note: Option to package your project is available on Presenter ribbon.


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            Zeeshan Hussain

            Adobe Presenter Engineering Team