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    Syncing issues with latest Lightroom on PC

    FrostyOfTheNorth Level 1

      Ever since the latest update to Lightroom, syncing photos seems to be botched.  This is what I'm seeing:


      - LR seems to be resyncing thousands of photos when those photos haven't changed.

      - When syncing, LR is unusable.  It is always completely unresponsive.  You click anything, wait a few minutes, give up hope and force-close LR.

      - I have to force LR to close (using task manager), restart and immediately pause the "sync with Lightroom mobile" option in order to use LR.

      - When I force LR to close it still appears in Task Manager using up 25-35% of the CPU and upwards of 4 GB of ram.  I have to end task on that within Task Manager to free that up.


      Is anyone else seeing this?  I'm running LR CC 2015.6.1 on Windows 10.