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    Camera Raw 9.6.1 Adjustment Brush Misalignment

    Mike Sevilla

      Hi, all! I am having an issue with my adjustment brush not "painting" the same area I clicked. To be more specific, the area that gets "painted" is roughly southeast of where the cursor click is. Some searching through the forums has shown me that this a recurring issue for a handful of members. I would also like to note that I did take a look at the thread here (Camera Raw v8.7.1 Adjustment Brush Problem ), before anyone tries to "answer" my discussion by referring me to it. I do not believe that changing my OS's text size to something other than the recommended text size should be the fix for this issue. A case for my point is that I did not have this misalignment issue with Photoshop CS6 which I used up until yesterday when I made the switch to Photoshop CC. This is clearly a bug in the code and would like to know if anyone has figured out some fixes other than changing your OS's text recommended text size. Thanks in advance!