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    splash screen


      How to add a splash screen to app?

      What sizes need to be made? Are they all named  splash.png?

      Must they be placed in special  folders? What names?

      What is the syntax for adding these to the config.xml?

      Must add plugin. What syntax in config file?

      Anything else to do?

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          al harding Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Frankie,


          All documentation for the splashscreen plugin can be found here:





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            frankieb65453130 Level 1

            Thanks for quick response.

            May i ask ...


            <splash src="res/screen/android/splash-port-mdpi.png" density="port-mdpi"/> from the docs.


            Can I place the screens in ANY folder with ANY file name. Can I use the same folders already set up for the icons? Could I place the

            320x480 screen in the following folder? or should I use separate folders for the screens, one in each folder like the icons?


            <icon src="res/mipmap-mdpi/ic_launcher.png" platform="android" qualifier="mdpi" />


            Can I name the screen "splash320x480.png" or must it be "splash.png"? In the splash statement from the docs,  can "qualifier" be used or must it be "density"?


            Am I being dense? It's hard to determine what is required vs what is user defined.


            I will need 4 "splash statements", each specifying the path to the screen image and indicating  the nature of the image? 

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              joe_bowser Adobe Employee (Admin)

              The screen name can be whatever you want it to be for each density, but the densities and orientations supported must be specified.  You can store the files wherever you want in your project (including in the same directory as your icons), but they will be renamed and copied to the appropriate locations in the Android project.  By default they are renamed to screen.png, and are copied to their various res/drawable directories.


              Also, density must be used in the tag, since qualifier isn't a recognized attribute in config.xml.


              Finally, unless you lock your orientation, you will need 8 different splash tags, four for each orientation.


              Hopefully this helps.

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                frankieb65453130 Level 1

                Thank you. I understand completely.


                But awhile back, I posted a question in the forum about another issue and the monitor wrote several lines for me to use in the config file. And he used "qualifer" in the icon statements. So," density" must be used with the splash statements but "qualifiier" is used with the icon statements?

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                  frankieb65453130 Level 1

                  I decided to use "density".


                  The build was successful!!!! The splash screen worked just fine. I had not done that before. Thank you again for your help.