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    Auto Tab function in Acrobat


      Hi everyone, I have been reading post after post on what code to use to make a PDF auto tab. I have a timesheet that needs to auto tab from field to field, cell to cell, or box to box - whatever makes more sense to you . I understand that I can create comb boxes (or whatever the formal name is), but those won't work since this timesheet is rather extensive and my direct instructions are to have all of the fields auto tab. This department is rather difficult - so arguing that this will take FOREVER and will waste precious time - won't work. My problem is that the code I've entered as a document level javascript only allows numbers to be entered into each field and not letters. For the sake of this project, I need both numbers AND letters to be able to be entered/auto tab to the next field.


      Here is my progress...


      I've entered this code in the Document Javascripts:

      function goNext(item,event,cName)


      AFNumber_Keystroke(0,0,0,0, "",true);

      if(event.rc &&

      AFMergeChange(event).length == event.target.charLimit)




      And I've entered this code into the individual field:

      goNext(this, event, "2");


      The auto tab function works, but what can I add or change to allow for numbers AND letters to be entered into each field?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!