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    Saving edited indb files , keeping original?

    capofamerica Level 1

      So I've been searching around and I cant find an answer to this. Probably because I dont know how to word it. So if there is a thread on this I apologize.

      So I have created a book in English , in Indesign. But now I have to create that same book with parts of it being Chinese. Well first time I foolishly thought copying the original file in windows and setting it somewhere else would keep the file as a whole and untouched . (I'm new to Adobe). But that didnt work and I found myself with 2 shortcuts that lead to the same edited document, no longer original / no Chinese. So now I thought I could use the book menu to "save book as" and name it something else and place it elsewhere. That didnt work either. So once I did all the work again , I find that my original is again , edited.  Long story long. How do take an original book, edit it , save it as a completely new book, and keep the original for possible future editing?


      Thank you !