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    Installing an Adobe PDF Print Driver on a Macbook Pro for Pagemaker v7.x

    michaelm66750466 Level 1

      I checked the Forums and learned that I could download a print driver for Pagemaker v7.x.  Did so by running it through Crossover (CrossOver 15 Mac: Run Windows Software on Mac | CodeWeavers).  FYI, I am running MY paid copy of Pagemaker for Windows.  Crossover does allow Pagemaker to be installed, Run and Create, Edit, etc.  HOWEVER, I can not get Pagemaker to print any of the 100's of PMD files that I have created over the years.


      As mentioned, I D/L'd the Adobe PDF Print Driver from Adobe website and installed it through Crossover as well.  No PDF Printer appears as a Printer.  Also can not get Pagemaker to Export as a pdf, as I get the Dialog Box that indicates: "Exporting a PDF file requires a PostScript printer Driver.  Please install one".


      I know it's a backassword way to do it, eg., save the file in PM, then Export it and print via Acrobat. BUT if that's all I can do to be able to print the docs, then I'll Export them as pdf's and go the extra mile.


      Can someone PLEASE give me a hand with this one way or the other, It would be GREATLY appreciated.  I'll take any route I can get.  Thank you kindly.


      PS-- Already submitted a ticket to CodeWeavers (Crossover),  but I'm told it's being worked on.  Anyone's guess as to when that will happen.

      Also, I've been running PM since the first version came out and know well enough to not want to go and pay for another program.