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    Prevent publishing of certain bitmaps


      I have a setup where some of my movie clips contain placeholder images that are then stripped out and dynamically replaced in action script by other images.


      I would like to avoid exporting such placeholder assets when publishing my SWC file to reduce my file size ultimately. To do so, I tried guiding the layer containing the placeholder image. Doing so prevents the export correctly but also prevents the image from showing on stage in Animate CC when going up one level above the symbol containing the guided layer.


      Is there a solution to keep my placeholder image visible at all time in Animate CC and yet prevent that asset from being published ?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can 'hide' the layers with your placeholders and untick 'include hidden layers' in your publish settings when you're ready to publish.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            In the image properties, set compression to JPEG, lowest quality. That way the images will still be included in the SWF, but at such a small file size that it hardly matters. For example (just tested this), a 640x480 photo at quality 1 gets banged down to less than 8K.


            Or you could use very simplified low-color PNGs for your placeholder images, which could be even smaller than that.

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              trayzh Level 1

              Thanks a lot for the answers.


              I can't really work with those though :

              - not including hidden layers only works when publishing SWF files and I'm publishing SWC files which don't seem to support that feature.

              - I have a pipeline step processing my compiled SWF files later that uses the PNG/JPG settings properties to set the correct image formats. Therefore I have to stick to PNG lossless


              I actually have an alternative idea that could solve my issue but that I also can't find ways to solve. I thought that instead of stripping out my placeholder textures at publish time, I could maybe strip them out at compilation time when all my SWC files are compiled into a single SWF.

              Could this work ? Is this doable ?