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    clarifying book titles


      Is there a way - or could Adobe make a way - for a person to modify a book's name for their own use on their own computer?


      My problem is, Google gives its books a quick name (e.g., "Farm Engines and How to Run Them"), and if you're comparing editions, a quick name is no help.The only way to tell which is which is to open one of them. It's slow and really irritating.


      Example: The following are both simply titled, "Farm Engines and how to Run Them." But (to me, anyway) they're NOT the same thing.

      1) Stephenson - Farm Engines & How to Run Them (1903 ed.)

      2) Stephenson - Farm Engines & How to Run Them (1918 ed.)


      Occasionally, with technical books, it can really make a difference which edition you have! Think about Merck Manuals (health/veterinary) - the edition matters!


      So - is there a way for us to modify the title (e.g., add the edition to it) for our own benefit?