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    Is Premiere Elements 8 compatible with Windows 10 64-bit?

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      I've just bought a new PC.


      Acer Aspire T3-710

      Windows 10, 64-bit

      Intel i7-6700 Quad-core

      8GB RAM, 2 TB HDD

      Intel HD Graphics 530


      I first installed Photoshop Elements 8 and I haven't encountered any issues. However, I installed Premiere Elements 8, and immediately ran into a problem. As soon as I open the software, I get a regular 'ticking' sound coming out of the PC speakers, and when I drag a video file into my timeline and play the clip, it plays, albeit with some stuttering evident, for around a second, and just continually loops back on itself, playing the same second or so over and over again. I think the loop is in time with the ticking from the PC speakers.


      Can anyone offer any help?


      I am on the lookout for Premiere Pro CS6, but it's difficult to find a Full Retail boxed PC version online and I expect I will need to persevere until I spot one available. Would like to be able to use Premiere Elements 8 in the meantime.