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    New IE activeX issues and FScommand

    dr.Evol Level 1
      Im fixing the new MS IE behaviour about restricting non-MS activeX content. Probbably many of you guys are in the same task these days... Anyway, I followed this article:

      Everything is OK, BUT FScommand capture javascript function is not working anymore when SWF is embeeded via external javascript function...

      Any ideas?


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          TimSymons Level 1
          I have not had any issues with communicating using the FSCommand once a JS solution was in place. You need to make sure that you do not reference the "id" or "name" of the embedded file before JS has had a chance to create it. I had to make minor adjusts to some of my code to fix this. Also, another very good solution for the IE trouble is the following:


          This is a very good solution and will work as you expect with the FSCommand.