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    AlisonRoth Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community,


      I have two questions:


      1. When I'm in "explore" and I search for a "yellow" color pallets, the results are columns of the exact same color pallet rather than different pallets with "yellow." This just stated happening for me recently.  See attached #1


      2. When I'm in the results page of a search and I click on "info, edit or save" to enlarge the pallet, there is no way for me to return to the search results I was on and always takes me back to the home default page.   There is no "return to search" link that I can find inside the individual pallet I'm in and hitting the browser back button doesn't work.


      I love adobe color but these two issues are making it impossible to use anymore.


      Thanks in advance!


      AliAdobe Color Bug.jpg