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    Expected Backup time/duration for a Large catalog

    bhousto90 Level 4

      I have a very large catalog of just under 370 000 images.


      Would a time duration required for the catalog backup to complete that is taking just under 1hour be normal/reasonable? Or is this duration longer than expected?


      I have the catalog on a local hard drive (same drive as OS) with the backup going to a external drive via USB3.

      (Images are on two other separate external USB3 drives)


      Processor is an older 2.6Ghz i7-920 with 9Gb RAM, LR 2015.6.1 on Win7.

      Just recently reset preferences to see if that would help any (backup time now about 1min faster)


      I think it is a 'normal' length of time as it just has progressively increased in time over the past 2 years without any jumps in duration.

      But decided now to ask just in case it may be abnormal.

      For the last backup:

      1:34pm - Backup Catalog folder created

           After running integrity check for about 25min (exact time not known) it creates the first uncompressed Catalog backup file

           Then it proceeds to optimize catalog

      2:27pm - Final compressed Zipfile written

      The backup procedure continues for about 5-6min after zipfile is created and the uncompressed file is removed, it still indicates 'Compressing catalog' during this extra processing before finally exiting Lightroom. (It may be doing something in the original catalog location but I was only monitoring the backup folder)


      Comments? Everything seem reasonable?