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    Please i have deadline in the short term, help me to make this working email form?

    SanchezMusics Level 1

      Hello everyone, I need your help please. I have to deliver the site later this week and I can not figure it out by entering the Traveller's form to send messages to a specific email address. I am days that I try, I research and I try, but I can not do it and are exhausted and frustrated.


      Looking forms, I found this which I think is perfect for my needs:




      Fields are exactly what I need and I want exactly that sending happen directly of the site, without having to open any mail program.

      All perfect. The problem is that I can not make it work.

      I've created a free space http altervista for testing, but does not work.

      I did not even understand where to enter the email address: ivanovic@altervista.org where to receive the email that the visitor sends.


      Please anyone good, can you help me?

      I'm not an expert on codes, edge animate and muses are great and help a lot those who are beginners with the Web. In fact I'm slowly learning the codes, but it is difficult, and it takes time and patience.


      I really thank you from the heart those who wants give me this aid.

      I'm sure for those with expertise, will be a walk, but not for me that not being an expert in codes, I can not make it work.