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    Fitting the Page to Screen...


      I am using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader android app and am wondering is there a way to make PDFs fit the screen without having to zoom? Reader mode technically does that except it re-flows the text which makes reading PDFs that contain tables within the text more than slightly annoying. There ssems to be no way to change the percentage of the zoom either.


      Thank you in advance for any replies.

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          KhanMehwish Adobe Employee



          There are currently the following view mode options that you could use:

          1. Continuous mode: In this mode, the page width becomes same as the screen width. You can scroll and move across the document.

          2. Single page mode: In this mode, the entire page fits within the screen size. In this can you can swipe to move across pages.

          3. Reading mode: Only the text fits the screen.


          In the first two modes, you can double tap on any paragraph and the document will smart zoom such that the text you are reading is in focus. Please try it and let us know if this solves your problem.



          Adobe Acrobat Team