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    Can I develop Phonegap wiht Node.js & Express Framework?



      We develop a webpage use node.js & express Framework.

      We want bluetooth communication with IoT.

      So we want develop application by Phonegap.


      Can I develop my webpage into native app by phonegap?

      My webpage running by node.js, but phonegap also running server...


      If I use phonegap, should be start from beginning...?

      plz tell any tip...

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          joe_bowser Adobe Employee (Admin)

          PhoneGap is a client-side solution to mobile applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript.  I'm unclear as to what you want your application to do, but there are third-party plugins that provide some of the functionality you desire.  However, I would advise you to develop a separate mobile application, since mobile applications and websites are different, and just putting your website in PhoneGap will not necessarily create a good mobile experience.