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    Flash rollover HTML

      Im trying to create a flash header/drop down menu in an HTML file and i want the flash menu to drop above the the HTML content. Basically 1 column and 2 rows, with the flash element on the top row and the HTML content on the bottom. And when the users rolls over the top row with the flash embedded, it will drop down over the bottom HTML content. I see a lot of websites doing this, and would to learn how.
      Any tutorials or input would be much apprciated.

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          >Vee< Level 1
          i didnt think you could export a transparent swf, as you are proposing. I think maybe they are using some DHTML for the drop downs. It is possible to construct the menus using small swfs then stringing them togther as though they were animated gifs. Again there probably tons of DHTML ways of using layers to create the sub menus that drop down using JS functions to hide them. My guess is thats what you're see. Another possible way is to set a dynamic textfield to HTML then load it with some external text so that you have both, then its easy enough to create the drop downs in flash.
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            If not done in DHTML as Vee is suggesting, you need to work with WMODE=transparent and DIV tags.
            I enclose HTML code that would do this, given a flash movie with a white background (which will become transparent on the webpage) and a (non-white) menu bar (what you call "row 1") of height <50.
            When a button on this menu bar is pressed, you would unhide (or slide in) another graphical element or movieClip that also has to be any other colour than white of course.
            While this generally works, you might encounter the odd browser incompatibility, so I would test test test.
            Good luck