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    No images appear in the Monitor Panel

    Fabio Colasanti

      I have been using Premier Elements to my satisfaction for five years (I am currently using PE10).   My computer had this graphic card: "Professional CAD nVidia Quattro 4000 - DVI + DP with 2 GB of DDR5".

      Unfortunately, a few months ago it started flashing error messages and I had to have it replaced.    It has been replaced with a "nVidia GTX960 - DVI + HDMI" that was supposed to offer the same performances.

      Unfortunately, a couple of weeks after the replacement I have opened PE (which I had not used for a couple of months) and discovered that it no longer works properly.

      I have no images in the Monitor Panel.   When I want to see the videos to edit them, I hear the audio, but I see no images.    In fact the Monitor Panel still shows the last images that were in that part of the screen (initially part of the wallpaper image, and, after a while, the last PE menus that I have opened).

      Do you think that this is due to the change of the graphic card or is there a command I have unwittingly switched on that disables the images?

      Thanks for your help.