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    Issue combining dotted columns with solid rows

    benjamin Philipp

      I can't for the life of me get it to look decent: If I have my column stroke dotted, there are two main looks I can pick, both with their own distinct and unacceptable disadvantages:


      1. Column strokes in front:

      Nice and even spacing between the dots, but intersecting row strokes just break in the intersection. Transparent gap color and overprint don't do anything to help.


      2. CS2 compatibility: No intersections, but uneven spacing/starting positions.


      Anything else or combinations of the two don't make things better. Take a look at the I-can't-believe-it's-so-called "best fit", showcasing both problems at once:


      Now, I'd like the behavior from "columns in front" (even spacing of dots in a line down the table) - but WITHOUT the intersecting row strokes BREAKING!!!

      This can't be happening, I keep thinking. How do I fix this?

      Please don't tell me nobody at Adobe thought that this might be a problem. Come on, it looks like things I wouldn't like to mention, lest this post be deleted or something.