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    Flash & video and sound

      Hello All,

      I need to create a player which should be able to play video and sound in following formats.
      i was looking at flash for the same.

      here are teh formats that we are looking at:

      Audio : wav, aiff, real audio
      Video: asf, mpeg, avi, real video

      1) as far as i have read using flash the only audio format that can be loaded dynamically is MP3.So if i want to play any other format on my web site i will have to import the same in mp3 format.
      Can any body please validate this?

      2)Regarding import is their any way to import the flash media files dynamically?

      3) Regarding video's also i could get info about importing different formats in flash video. Again there is no info on doing the same dynamically. Please validate?

      4) Flash video is the only video format supported in flash. Pelase validate?

      I will appriciate any links and information related to theis.