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    Question regarding composition settings and Render Settings

    pleiades_k Level 1

      I've been searching for an answer regarding my question but had to resort asking, sorry it is pretty basic, but a straight answer is needed I think.

      I've imported a Premiere pro project with two layers of still images with motion and effects applied. I've been working on these images for a couple of weeks now with variations and have had numerous number of exports from AE through the render queue.

      Having imported the compositions from Premiere CC as my starting point; the composition settings, and other composition setting are all set to HDTV 1080 25 but the resolution setting which I unfortunately realize now, is set to "Half" (960*540).. New compositions also sets to Half resolution by default somehow..

      My question is regarding my previous exports and from now on.  Do the composition's resolution set to "Half" affect the quality of my exported compositions through the render module ? All my renders so far are of 1080p by default and not in 960*540. Have these been uprezed to 1080 from 960 ? ... - I haven't changed any setting regarding resolution in the render module - they all came out 1080 after rendering.

      Thank you