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    How to Organise folders on harddisk? (Not in collections). Lightroom 6, Macintosh


      In Lightroom-6 I want to start organising photos on the harddisk ("Folders").

      (At a later stage i want to import photos from years back as well).


      I want to organise in "Years" and "Months".

      i.e. Photos from year 2004:  I want to create a folder named "2004" within that "2004" -folder I want to create 12 sub-folders (months) named 2004-01, 2004-02, 2004-03, 2004-04 etcetera. (01 = January, 02 = February 03 = March etc.).

      It should look like this:


      > 2004-01

      > 2004-02

      > 2004-03

      > 2004-04

      > 2004-05



      In the LR-app I think I am not able to create folders on the harddisk. I created folders in the "Lightroom Masters" -folder but it won't show up as intended in the LR-app under "Folders" after starting Lightroom up.

      Before I start moving photos to the new created folders I would like to make sure the LR-app can still find them afterwards.


      Anyone got a good method or a instruction-link maybe? Any other tips most welcome as well.