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    FLVPlayback Full Screen Video

      My Flash 8 Projects destination will be on a cd rom. I have an flv and i want to use the FLVPlayback Component. I want my video to start out at 320x240 and have the ability to click either on it or on a button to make it go full screen. Just like the MediaPlayback Component works. Does anyone know how to do this?

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          Here is a quick & simple way to do this. After you finish you can change it to suit yourself.

          1. Encode your .flv to the largest size you plan to use.

          2. In the Component Parameters window in Flash 8, set autoSize to false.

          3. Set a physical Dynamic Text variable and name it "size".

          4. In the first time line frame set the variable to 1 here is the code:

          _root.size = 1;

          5. Select & right click your FLVPlayback Component, and place this code in the Actions Panel:

          onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
          if (_root.size == 1) {
          _parent.my_flvPb.autoSize = false;
          setProperty(_parent.my_flvPb, _x, 165);
          setProperty(_parent.my_flvPb, _y, 110);
          _parent.my_flvPb.scaleX = "100";
          _parent.my_flvPb.scaleY = "100";
          if (_root.size == 2) {
          _parent.my_flvPb.autoSize = true;
          setProperty(_parent.my_flvPb, _x, 0);
          setProperty(_parent.my_flvPb, _y, 0);

          6. Set the code for your resize button to:

          on (release) {
          if (_root.size == 1) {
          _root.size = 2;
          } else {
          _root.size = 1;

          If you want an example .fla file send me an email at dconatser@we-design.com & I will send it to you!
          I hope this helps!
          Have a GREAT day!