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    After Effects error: Not enough memory to render 4--- secs of audio


      This is driving me crazy. I don't know anything about codecs and stuff of that nature, but here is what happened...

      1) Working on project all morning. RAM previews are rendering audio just fine.

      2) Noticed the volume of some clips wasn't adequate. Created a Null Object with Slider Control, attached all audio expressions to the slider (this has worked like a charm in the past)

      3) Went to try to RAM preview. Got error message about there not being enough memory to render the 4,000-something seconds of audio. It suggested that I either shorten the workspace area or turn off audio.

      4) I shorten the workspace area to 5 seconds. Doesn't work; I get the same error message.

      5) Turn off all audio except for on the two 3-second clips that I need to test. doesn't work; same error message.

      6) I save and restart my system. Same error message.

      7) I delete the slider and all the new expressions. Same error message.


      Oh God what should I do?? Have I screwed up my entire project beyond repair? I know you need specifics about my audio info, but I don't know where to look. Please let me know what you need to see and where I can find it, and I will screenshot it.


      Thank you so much! Please save me!