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    Problems with Indesign


      OS: Windows 7 64-bit

      Version: Indesign CC 2015(.41)


      Problem: Crashes just after launching a file/files.

      It happens at any file or even when no file is opened at all (just raw Indesigner).

      It happens after having loaded everything and simply says that the software stopped responding and closes it down.

      Also it did not show networkshares within adobe at that time.


      In the eventviewerlog it points with 2 different errors to 2 different files aka "faulty modules". 1 being the required/IMAGE.rpln, the other being the public.dll.


      After that i did a decent amount..

      - removed setting and other files from the appdata locations

      - repaired microsoft visual C++

      - uninstalled indesigner cc

      - ran the adobe cleaning tool to clean up after the installation

      - restarted the PC

      - reinstalled indesigner cc


      That still did not work


      Checked fonts, registries, themes, CC settings and everything else that could affect it, including all fixes suggested on forums and other online sources.


      In the end it ended up with Indesign being able to see the network shares and open some of the files without crashing, however not all nor do we have any clue what is causing it.


      p.s. this happens both local as well as on the share and it doesnt even require a file at times to make indesign stop responding after launch, sometimes opening indesign by itself is enough.