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    Intel Iris Graphic 5200 VS  Dedicated GPU


      I am looking for any specifics on What the Intel Card will not be able to do in The Following Adobe applications





      I found this article here showing GPU performance and in a nut shell they say that you will have better performance using a GPU which is obvious . But they don't say anything specific like this feature is not supported . So can I assume that the Intel graphic card will work just fine and when Advanced features or high video demand is present it may run slower ??

      Adobe Photoshop CC GPU (graphics processing unit) and video card FAQ


      If any one can point me to more information  that would be helpful or even say I do these functions on a daily basis and Have no trouble what so ever .

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          RjL190365 Level 4

          First off, I'd recommend saving up for a higher-end laptop. You see, that integrated Intel Iris 5200 graphics on Broadwell CPU-based laptops is just about as sluggish as a low-end discrete mobile GPU when it comes to performance in Premiere Pro CC 2015. And then, most of the low-end laptops with discrete GPUs are not worth the higher prices compared to an otherwise identical laptop with only integrated Intel iris or HD graphics (or put it this way, the discrete low-end mobile GPUs are not sufficiently faster than integrated to justify their higher prices).


          In other words, you get what you pay for.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            New laptops are just about to appear which have the NEWEST series of NVidia mobile GPUs in them...the 10xx series GPUs.

            As Premiere Pro uses the CUDA acceleration in a big way, you can getter better performance in a new laptop with at least a mobile 1070 GPU,or, better.  Along with 32GB of system memory, ( DDR4 with a Skylake  i7 CPU ), and fast storage like a PCI NVMe SSD, you will be plenty equipped for Premiere and the other programs....4K video work included.

                Keep in mind that new, cutting edge hardware becomes obsolete within 2 to 3 years because the software becomes more "feature rich" and demanding of that hardware over time. When purchasing new equipment, it is better to try and stay AHEAD of the curve, rather than BEHIND it !!

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



              I agree with you that buying old technology is a waste of money.  But let me give you an insight into the new GTX 1060 which I have and guess what?  It is overclockable just like the all the GPU's before the the GTX 900 series.  I am running it at (GPU-Z numbers) 2400 MHz on the memory clock with no real stress on the card.  So I would not eliminate it from the new laptop selection process if they offer it.



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                scottm90230537 Level 1

                I appreciate all in the info , but I see that I should have been more specific with my question here. I already have a Laptop A mac book Pro Mid 2014 With an I7 and 16 GB of Ram. The Machine has The Intel Iris Video card . What I'm trying to find out is from users who have experience using all of the Adobe suite products that may have a similar setup to  mine, is can this card handle most tasks with out a problem and what specific tasks will be painfully troubling with this card.  I really looking for some evidence to prove that I don't have buy a new machine .

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  If you already have such a laptop with only the integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics, then the GPU acceleration support in Premiere Pro will be the same as any discrete GPU that supports OpenCL, such as the AMD Radeon GPUs.