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    scoll panel zooming

      I want to add zoom feature to the scroll panel. As the zoom button is pressed, I have to increase scrolling area. I tried the following sample code. If you run the sample, you can see the image size is increasing, but the scrolling area is same. I want to dynamically change the scrolling area according to image size. How can I do that?
      this.createClassObject(mx.containers.ScrollPane, "my_sp", 10);
      my_sp.setSize(360, 280);
      System.security.allowDomain(" http://www.helpexamples.com");
      my_sp.contentPath = " http://www.helpexamples.com/flash/images/image1.jpg";
      my_sp.scrollDrag = true;
      var width_num=my_sp._width;
      var height_num=my_sp._height;
      my_btn.onPress = function()
      width_num += 100.0;
      height_num += 100.0;
      my_sp.content.setSize(width_num, height_num);