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    Preloader for external flv file

      Hi Folks!
      I have a preloader that works fine for the swf that is holding the external flv and that takes no time at all because the video is external...right!? So I'm wondering if how to make a preloader for the actual flv file so my loader bar is showing the progress in the actual flv window in side the main swf file. . Hope this makes sense.
      Thanks for your help!
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          to clarify - were you looking to create a preloader that would show preload status and then disappear? or sometihng that functions like the 'seekbar' of the flv ui components (flv controller components)..

          IF you have a seekbar as part of your flv controls, this basically does the role of a preloader showing progress of download..

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            Rothrock Level 5
            If you are using the NetStream method for playing the clip, you chould look in the help files for NetStram.setBufferTime(). I think that is what it is called.

            If you are using components you should look at the component dictionary in the helpfiles for Media.bytesLoaded (that one is a property not a method) and Media.bytesTotal. You can then work out some way of pausing the playback until a certain percentage has loaded.

            I don't have Flash 8, but I think if you use the new Flash 8 video component you might also find it has a setBufferTime or similar. Check the help files.