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    Doing something stupid? Printing awful after Mac change.

    mwillems Level 1

      Ok so I am presumably doing stupid. But I've been trying and trying, and I *teach* this stuff, for crying out loud. I;m overlooking something stupid probably.


      So what is the problem?


      I use 5 paper types on a Canon Pro 9500 Mark II printer. I've been doing this for years and what I see, I print. Perfect.


      Except after I bought a new iMac, it's AWFUL. Colors are washed out. Black is grey. Awful. On all paper types I have tried.


      - Yes, I am using the Canon ICC profiles for that printer and those paper types

      - I am using the print presets that previosuly worked perfectly

      - No, I am not using the printer colour management

      - It's all set to that profile

      - soft proofing looks entirely normal

      - all other settings (resolution, sharpening, media type) are per the previous preset too, and all normal


      But the prints are AWFUL. Damn, what am I forgetting ?


      I do this for a living and have prints that need to go out the door - so, any advice very gratefully received.



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          mwillems Level 1



          I see that although when printing (("Printer..." button!) I manually selected the ICC profile for the paper type used (Pro Luster, Museum Etching, etc), and then printed from that dialog, it appears that LR nevertheless overruled this and went back to the profile saved in the printed preset. Which did not exist, so it went back to "Default". A feature, or a bug? :-)


          Solution: I recreated the printer profiles on the new Mac, and once more selected them for each preset and "updated with current settings". Phew, finally, I have good prints again.


          This is something you may all want to note: if a particular printer profile that was saved as part of a printer preset does not exist, like when you buy a new Mac, LR will default to "Default", even when you have selected the correct paper manually in the final "Printer..." dialog, and you print straight from that dialog. LR will overrule that and select whatever paper your "Default" profile thinks it contains.  


          Good to know. Took me half a day, because I never thought my manual choice would be overwritten!

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            I'm experiencing exactly the same problems that you described in your original question, and I'm pleased to hear that you've resolved the issue.


            Unfortunately, as a not-very-expert user, I didn't really understand your description of the resolution!  You refer to "LR" overruling your manual selection, but I can't think what "LR" might stand for.  I'm also unsure how to go about recreating printer profiles.  How would I recreate them and where will I see "updated with current options"?


            When I print in Photoshop I currently have 11 different profiles listing Pro9500 paper types to choose from, but none seem to provide decent prints.  Are you able to give me a dummy's guide to solving this please?


            Happy New Year!



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              watashi49 Level 1

              OK, I've answered my first silly question; of course "LR" is Lightroom!


              I normally use Bridge to find and load photos into Photoshop, and I'm completely unfamiliar with LR.  However, I've managed to change Color Management in LR so that I can select any of the Pro9500 Mark II profiles, and I have been able to print out (from LR) a marginally better test print.


              However, the print is still far less vibrant than it should be.  I downloaded the latest printer driver from Canon just a couple of days ago, and I believe this includes all the printer profiles, but I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious.


              Any suggestions would be gratefully received!