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    Possible to mix renderers and editors?

    Kwooda Level 1
      Currently, I have an Accordion with a number of data grids that contain different information. Items can be dragged from any of the grids to a common grid outside the accordion, whereby the drag/drop handler populates the target grid with appropriate data that represents where it came from.
      Here's what I need to do now:
      This common grid contains a "quantity" column. Depending on the type of data that was dropped into the grid, this value may or may not be editable. When it is editable, it may be limited to a upper limit that is determined from a data item that was dragged with it, or it may not have an upper limit at all. I want to render the current value as a normal number. For quantities that cannot be edited, clicking on the value should not open it to edit (I have that much). For values that have a defined limit, I want a numeric stepper to appear with the defined limits. For values that have no upper limit, I want a text input field to appear.

      How do I approach this?