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    A.S. button concept driving me crazy!!!!

    riichieg Level 1
      Hi people, I'm sure I've been through this before about actionscript buttons but now im dealing with the root and cant get the AS to recognize the root

      heres the layout. on the timeline frame 2 I have a movie clip that comes in on the left as a graphic effect. on the top I have a horizontal nav bar mc with effects. There is also a stop action in frame 2 on a separate layer. I labeled frame 30 and placed a clip there and gave it the instance name J1. I also gave frame 30 a frame label "main". I went into the navbar clip and added a button instance over "main" which I need to target the clip that will reveal the main page. It wont allow me to direct the target frame label "main" on the timeline. I assume root is where I want to target frame 30/frame label "main. Im also assuming that parent is something completely different that just takes the action up one.

      I also seem to have another problem and you would probably think im lost forever. each of the menu buttons already is a button symbol. Whether I use e button symbol or the instance, I cant get it to target the root.

      Can anyone give a sample that will target the root frame 30. The instance J1 doesnt actually need to be targeted, but im not sure. If anyone would like to slap me over the head with the Action Script Bible, be my guest!