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    Redemption code for Creative Cloud

    jarosławp91358677 Level 1

      Hello. I have 2 brand new Dell workstations, each bought with Adobe CC redemption code, directly from Dell. No additional manuals, only delivery by digital content. During installation, installer asked for Adobe account-  because I have one from another Cloud subscription, I've used this one. No warnings, additional infos etc. The same situation with second desktop - the same account, no warnings, infos...And big disappointing at the end- instead of TWO new licenses, I have only ONE with double period of valid (only one with 24 months instead of 2 with 12m). What to do now? Where ask for help? Chatting with support is not working - every time they have different way to solve my problem, they promise solution and help "within 24 hours", after days - still nothing...