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    Not a Coldfusion Question !! ..

    flooker Level 1
      Hello Guys i know its not a CF question but ive been looking every where but couldnt get the solution , I hope you Gurus might have some Ideas ..
      here is the Select List

      <select name="Center" style="width:150px" class="textbox" >
      <option value="">aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</option>
      <option value="">aaaaa</option>
      <option value="">aaaaa</option>
      <option value="">aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</option>

      as you can see the Width is Fixed which is 150px , what i want is for Item 1 and 4 because they are Long it should Wrap the Text instead of Chopping it off.
      I know there would be some solution to this.

      any ideas

      Loads of Thanks in advance ..