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    Timeline Icon Question




      I'm currently making an animation in which an object (1) flies into the frame from the left, (2) flies out to the right, (3) files in from the left again, and (4) out to the right again. My issue is that the object maintains its position from (2) and will not start from the left side for (3). If I relocate the object to the left for (3), it creates a domino effect and disrupts the positioning for (1) and (2).


      I did notice, however, that objects with an open diamond icon at the beginning of the motion timeline DID NOT have this issue. Objects with the solid triangle icon DID. I've attached some screenshots. Unfortunately after hours of searching, I haven't found out what the significance between these two icons is.


      If someone could lend some insight, that would be great. I am having this issue in Adobe Edge Animate CC 2015.0.



      Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.42.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.42.28 PM.png

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          ddhayles Level 3

          Hi, not sure if you figured this out yet or not but let me explain.


          It all has to do with the transition between the keyframe and the previous keyframe, a solid half diamond means that it's value has already been set by the previous mirrored half diamond. If the diamond is full but outlined then it takes on a new value at that point and will not take on the property of a previous keyframe.


          It can get confusing with when removing and adding the transition in manually.

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            cjz34573441 Level 1

            Thanks for the response!


            In that case, how would I be able to control which frames are outlined diamonds and full diamonds?

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              ddhayles Level 3

              Yes, if you right mouse click on them you get the options for removing or adding a transition. It can get confusing sometimes adding the transitions manually as you have to click the correct diamond, also there is one anomaly which can occur sometimes and that is you may see a clear diamond on the timeline but with no previous setting, this shouldn't happen but does, the only way to fix this is to delete the keyframe and reapply the value.