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    Blurry/Fuzzy/LoRes PreComps


      I've only been able to find variations of this problem elsewhere.


      I have a animated text and then created a precomp from this to allow me to mask it (switched to 3D object because I'm also using camera).

      This looks fuzzy/blurry/lo res compared to the non-precomped text. If I click collapse transformation it just disappears altogether. If I look within the precomp and switch that text to be a 3D object, it looks very sharp and maintains the correct position but the mask no longer works.


      Is there a fix to make it high res without making it a 3D object or get the mask to work once it is a 3D object.


      Hope that makes sense. Any help appreciated.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Are you scaling up the precomp past 100%?  You'll have that problem if you do.  What kind of animated text is this?  Is it in an AE comp?  Is it a movie?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's the basic workflow when you want to use 3-D objects in a pre-comp. Make the layers in the pre-comp all 3-D. Leave the pre-comp 2-D in the main composition and turn on collapse transformations. Now the camera will interact with the 3-D layers in the pre-comp.


            Masking should work but if it doesn't that is telling me you are using Ray-traced rendering for some reason. If that is not the case and you still cannot get the masking to work try using a shape layer as a track matte.


            If you are using Ray-traced rendering then I need to know exactly what you're trying to accomplish to walk you through using a matte. We need full resolution screenshots of both comps with the modified properties of your layers revealed.

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              andrewdevans Level 1

              I was using Ray-traced render for...reasons!


              Switched to classic 3D, switched object within precomp to 3D, collapsed and it all works!


              Thank you!

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Ray-traced rendering never worked well even with a supported card. It's much easier and faster to create your 3D text in C4D Lite that comes with AE. Adobe is no longer developing Ray-traced rendering.


                If you really must use Ray-traced rendering then you have yo do a bunch of work arounds and only use Ray-traced rendering in the nested comp. If I knew exactly what you were trying to do then I could help you with the work around to get masking to work.