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    Lightroom not truly importing


      So, I've had this problem for a while now. Recently however I was having another problem (sigh, I hate Apple) which forced me to uninstall Lightroom and reinstall it. I thought this would fix the previous issue but it has not. When I put my memory card in and then import, it looks as though everything is working as usual. Everything seems to import, when i take my memory card out however all the images are lost from LR. It shows as on the "folders" or "areas" a space for my memory card, it says Canon EOS or something like that. As if the memory card is a place to store photos or something. It's kind of confusing. Anyways this shouldn't be happening and it's making me want to trash LR and Apple all together. I didn't change any settings or anything ever, so why is this happening? I can't delete any photos off my memory cards as they are not in LR even though I imported them! Help!!